About the beginning of this blog

Ginnivers is a reflection of my thoughts and systematisation of my messy mind: it’s an accessible diary.Who is Ginni?

I was born in Rome, Italy, in 1998 as a sister to four brothers -yes, lucky gal 😀 – of a patchwork-family and was sent to a German school, which I attended until I was 16.

In 2014 I moved out and finished High School in Vienna, Austria, where I used to live with my beloved grandmother and the sweetest cousin ever, Chiara.                                  

I definitely lost my heart in Vienna when I moved out in 2016 to study Philosophy and Mathematics at the Ludwig-Maximilans-Universität Munich. After my first semester at university I recognised that Mathematics wasn´t my vocation and up until now I continue studying philosophy, focussing especially on logic and (edit: more) philosophy of science.

Today I start this blog, which I hope will remind me to go through life more consciously.

What & Why is the Ginnivers Project?

The Ginnivers Project is an “inner product” of my soul: the quest to become more conscious about what surrounds me, take my time to think autonomously and explore new places; be it alone or in company.

Starting September 2017 I will add weekend-trips to my monthly schedule and escape to nearby or far-away cities, visit friends, write about my encounters, reads which accompany my journey, impressions about places, thoughts about concepts, ask special people I encounter to write a blog entry, anything spontaneous (and over a minimum percentage of consistency) that will happen to me or pop up in my mind. – All of this strictly accompanied by some pictures, obviously!

Now to the second part of the aforementioned question, which is more complex for me to answer: Why do I want to find my time to feed this blog?

Not only because of my drive to travel and explore places and persons, but mainly because of the inner need to stop rushing through the shortest path which leads from A to B, make a break on the way to look around and notice all possible alternative paths.=

So what you can expect here is the unfiltered look on things through some new eyes. On the quest for meaning, explanation, new questions and probably and hopefully: no answers.

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