After our time in India, my brother Andi and me flew to Nepal. We arrived in Katmandu just a few days after the monsoon season had torn away several villages in the mountains. Katmandu was still recovering from the disastrous earthquakes that destroyed some parts of the city in 2015. Some days after, we had a looooong bus ride to Pokhara, from where we started hiking.

Here are some pictures I took on our way to Poon Hill, at 3210m. Later I understood that it makes sense to call it a ‘hill’ in Nepal, where mountain chains reach up to 4000m. 

A shepherd feeding a lamb.


A woman observing.


One day we woke up at about 3-4am to hike the last bit up to Poon Hill to watch the sunrise. Initially it was cold and the sky was very cloudy. Here is a horrendous picture of Andi and me at about 5am. IMG_3073

After the sunrise we could see a big chunk of the Annapurna mountain chain, including Dhaulaghiri, the seventh highest mountain in the world. Here it is.


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