Is there life post-bachelor?

As I mean to finish my bachelor in Philosophy by August 2018, I start looking around for future paths to take. A plethora of options are available to us nowadays: another bachelor? Some working experience? A gap year? Sitting on mom´s couch for some time? Directly master´s degree?

T-shaped education

The idea of a second bachelor is really appealing to me. I see philosophy as the horizontal line of my T-shaped education, provider of core tools such as sharp thinking, effective reading, thoughtful writing, analysing, discussing, arguing and many more. This is why I would like to add some specific, scientific skills to my personal “knowledge”. I am very interested in Human Sciences and I happen to fancy Anthropology and Sociology lately.

Deciding to go for Human Sciences would mean choosing practical philosophy over theoretical philosophy, even though I designed my bachelor courses focussed on philosophy of science and logic. Moreover I am not really into practical philosophy and ethics and within philosophy, I feel more attracted to the field of philosophy of science.

The alternative to doing a bachelor would be to go directly to master´s degree in philosophy of science and logic. Many universities offer such courses and specifically the university of Amsterdam, which also offers a bachelor course in Human Sciences based on three pillars: life/formal science, social science and humanities. I hold it to be a very broad, but interesting mixture.

Weekend-trip to Amsterdam

Since there will soon be open days, I booked the cheapest flight to Amsterdam Schipol, will fly in on the 10th of november and stay until the 12th, making a weekend-trip out of it!

If you like to join, please let me know and check out University of Amsterdam 11-12.09.2017 for updates and more pieces of information about this trip!


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